This was a favorite at our Halloween Party. It was set up at our 'adult' drink table. Beergaritas was our drink of choice. (Our tweaked recipe to follow! Yummy for sure).
This DIY is really simple and more of an idea & inspiration for your own Halloween DIYs.

Supplies: Piece of unfinished wood, orange craft paint, black puff paint, polyurethane, rag or paint brush, pencil and bowl
1. Start with an unfinished and clean piece of wood. Mine is about 12" x 24" and 2" thick. A nice solid chunk.
2. Do a quick 'wash' of orange paint. Use a mixture of 1 part water to one part paint. You still want to grain and wood texture to show through. Set out till dry.
3. Free hand or stencil your message with a light hand in pencil. Use a variety of fonts.
4. Use black puff paint to trace over your pencil.
5. Embellish with bats and flourishes. Set out till dry.
6. Erase all stray pencil marks. This is a must otherwise they become very noticeable after this next step.
7. Do two coats of polyurethane, 30 minutes in between coats. I had gloss on hand but I recommend a matte finish. A little more rustic. Set out to dry over night.
8. Display at will!

Thanks for stopping by. Just an fyi to prepare yourself for a madness of fall fashion diys to come. Now that I have shed the baby weight I am totally fashion crazy again... funny how that works. Once I could slip back into my skinny jeans, I cared about fashion again :)

PPS... I tried the dark side and have ventured back into the light. Hair I mean. The super dark red hair didn't really suit me... so I went back to my ombre strawberry blonde. I guess this piece of advice is totally true - You look your best with the hair color you had as a toddler. (don't penalize me.... I know I need to adjust the roots, but overall I am happy with my hair again!)
True Dat!