Don't you just love this hod podge of colors and cuteness?! We sure do...
    Lou's room is by far my favorite of the house right now. It is just so full of fun, laughter and personality. But most importantly this room is full of spunk and character.Spunk is such an underrated quality when it comes to kid's bedrooms these days. I feel like most kid's rooms are either plain jane or way too commercial. Don't get me wrong, we love ourselves a Disney princess here and there but Disney on top of Disney on top of Disney is just too much Disney.
    So I thought I would share what works for us. Every single playdate that Lou has had in here, both the kids and the parents leave saying that they just love her room. It only takes a little panache here and there to create a nursery or bedroom full of character. This is our tools of the trade for a DIY Eclectic Bedroom.

1. Make an Entrance: Think curb appeal. Do a lil something to make it fun for the kiddos and make them feel special. Because at the end of the day that is all you are trying to do... make them feel special. We covered Lou's in green chalkboard paint. Now she can scribble away and not get in trouble. And I get to see her pretty little sketches... double score!

2. Pick a Fresh & Soothing Color for the Walls: Think of it as the backdrop for everything else. You could do white or a neutral... but why? There are so many pretty shades of blue and green and yellow ect ect ect to choose from! BUT... and this is an important but. It needs to be a color that you can live with. One that is not to baby/girly/boyish/intense. We chose a fresh & warm at the same time, aqua. Aqua is our family's all time favorite color. We have all sorts of shades of aqua slathered on every wall, cabinet and floor (painted staircase). Ok back to the eclectic bedroom or nursery. This shade of aqua brings light into the room, even on a dull day, but also cools it down on a scorcher. Love it love it love it. It is Aqua Bay by Behr.

3. Don't Be Afraid of Color & Pattern: We say bring it on! The more the merrier. It is a baby/kid's room for goodness sakes! I added a fun zebra print rug to break up the large expanse of cozy yet dull neutral shag carpet. Then some black and white floral curtains.

4. Pile on the Pillows:
Easy to change up, easy to make, easy to clean. Fun pops of color and texture for the room. Think outside the box, pillow-wise. Regular, what I call 'adult' pillows really add some depth to the room. Think embroidered, or beaded (but again, this is a kid's room so nothing too $$$)

5. Vintage, Vintage, Vintage!:
Vintage is where it is at! Nothing is new in this room (besides the crib/toddler bed). Everything was a score from a tag sale or flea market. Vintage adds character. I piled on the vintage quilts, vintage textiles, vintage toys, vintage artwork and threw them all into vintage containers/crates/boxes
6. Incorporate 'Big Kid' Items: Like the globe. Adds fun and whimsy. Not very practical for a nursery or small child's bedroom, but fun. HINT: Put valuable and non-toy items up high and out of grabby little reaches! Create a little display or vignette, if you will.

7. DIY Art & Gallery Wall: Fun personalized art is so simple to create! For this room I simply took a large canvas and some pastels and copied one of my favorite poems. As for the gallery wall, that takes a little more thought and effort. I gathered up a miss-mash of items and temporarily taped them up in place till I liked the layout. My gallery wall is created out of vintage book pages, alphabet cards, clothing, tin signs, button art and text art.

8. Devil is in the Details: Well, not devil per-say... but in order to create a successful eclectic nursery or bedroom you have to heap on the personality with the details. In Lou's room I did so by doing the few this pictured above. Such as using pom pom trim for curtain tie backs, creating a tissue paper poof and paper lantern chandelier or attaching wooden spools to the walls to display garlands and tutus. Even something as simple as hanging a pretty outfit or dress on the knob of a dresser gives the room a little extra oomph. (Ok, so the hanging article of clothing is not practical at all and is definitely get pulled down by grabby hands, sometimes you just want to look at something pretty!)

9. Cozy Reading Nook: Very important! Reading needs to be promoted in any way possible! So pile on the pillows and cozy quilts to make your babies want to stay and read the afternoon away.

10. Brass Tacks: Here are a few things that make life a little better in this room. I understand you don't expect your kid's toys and personal items to be perfectly displayed all the time, but you still want a dapper looking space... this is where vintage crates and boxes come in handy. Create multiple 'zones' where you can easily toss the toys in. We have a stuffed animal bin, a plastic or hard toy bin, a trunk for tutus, a shelf for books and a box with a lid for puzzles. Yes a box! Just toss the puzzle and all the pieces in (they don't even have to be in place), shut the lid and you are gtg.

And that is all folks! Please take a minute to peruse the pictures. I'm sure you can see the love, time and attention that was poured in to creating this special little space for our special little girl. I hope this helped you in planning and creating an awesome 'diy eclectic nursery or bedroom' for your special little someone.

Thanks for stopping by!