Here it is, the last part of the diy hair comb series. Quite a journey eh? We went all across the diy board. From wire wrapped crystals to neon nylon cording to feathers. Even though this is the last post of this series, I assure you that hair combs are here to stay... at least on this noggin anyway. Embellished hair combs have always been in my fashion repertoire and always will be. So I thought it would be fun to share two hair combs of the past. One from my bridal shower and the other from Lou's first birthday. Interesting how I like to adorn my head/hair when I'm at an important event. 

   I guess I should be British with all their tiny hats and fancy facinators. Hummmm... Tea, anyone?

    First up is the one from Lou's first birthday. Cake smash pic included :)

   My goodness how quickly things change. Hair, home decor, clothing...all different now. And that was only about two years ago! And let's not mention how much Lou with the attitude has changed. Don't even go there! I'm tearing up already looking back at this. Pretty soon she will be driving away in her red convertible, top down, blonde hair blowing in the wind, off to college (here is hoping!). Waaaa waaa waaa WAAAA :(
   Back to the diy at hand. The hair comb. For this I started with the animal print ribbon. Snip off two pieces, angle the tips and hot glue onto the comb. Then I cut out five petal shapes from felt and hot glued onto the ribbon/comb. Next came the circle of hot pink buttons. Make a circle out of them by overlapping the edges and using hot glue to secure. Add a couple of buttons to the ribbon tips. Then break out your bejeweler and use this tutorial on applying hot fix crystals. You can pick up the hot fix Swarovski crystals and pearls here.
Perfect for a kid's birthday party. Colorful, sparkly, festive. What more could you need? Perhaps a slice of Lou's ridiculously cute lady bug birthday cake?

My bridal shower birdcage hair comb.

I look so happy here don't I?! Perhaps it is because I am about to marry my manly man man:) BOY OH BOY Do I love that man. Man oh man that man of mine.
Are you saying 'Hey man, we get the point!' yet?
Ok, man. I'll man up and move on.

  Looks like a heap-o-nothin when it's off, but when you have that little hair comb perched upon your head... it's just magical. A smidge of facinator, a wee bit veil and a whole lotta hair comb. No real tutorial here, as it was a lot of trial and error. I wired three flowers onto the comb, slid it into my hair and played with a piece of metallic veiling material till it was just right. A bunch here, a twist and a trim there. Once the veil had the perfect amount of cage, I wired it onto the comb. It all depends on your face shape. Some might need more veil, some less. Key is to steer clear of the whole Halloween mask look. It shouldn't touch your face and you gotta be able to see through it.
  I love this hair comb and plan on keeping it foreva-eva, eva eva. So many happy memories come to mind when I look at it. So it has it's own little home on my vanity. Greets me each morning with a 'Hello Beautiful!'

 Hope you all enjoyed the hair comb series. Practice makes perfect with craft and diying. The more you do it, the better you get at it and the easier it becomes (ain't that the truth about everything... wink wink nudge nudge). The ideas just flow once you uncork your creativity.


I really gotta lay off the cliche sayings.

Thanks for stopping by and not throwing tomatoes at me.

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