I gave myself a mini craft challenge this weekend. A little homework per say. I find that if I get a bogged down with stress or life and I just can't get those creative juices a flowin.. I  buckle down and step it up (oh boy...how many cliche sayings did I just fit into that statement???). Any whoser,  just like how actors and singers have voice warm ups, we crafters have warm ups too. This was a great mini warm up, as now my creative muscles are are loose and limber. Ready to tackle a few AWESOME diys that I have planned for this week.

  Yes, the humble hair comb. So easily forgotten about in the world of hair accessories. Blatantly overshadowed by the headband and plain jane bobby pins. Heck! Even it's eccentric aunt the fascinator gets more play then this guy. Or gal?

  My mini series/crafter warm up goes like this. I have had a pack of these cute little buggers in my craft stash for ages now. Woefully getting passed over every time I ventured in to pull something out. But not this time. Oh no. This time they are the star of the show. Not just one show, TEN shows! Yes yes YES... this hair comb is no one trick pony. I put on my crafting cap and came up with ten versions (quick, easy & inexpensive DUH!). Here is my first go. Very simple.

  Wrap, weave and knot some neon nylon cording and you are gtg with a brand new (and totally on trend) accessory. A quick way to add a pop of color to the blah winter doldrums.

And on to the second diy hair comb version...

Whoa nelly, hold on to your horses! This one involves a needle and thread. Really steppin it up!

Nah, still plain easy peasy...

  Just snip off a faux flower from it's branch/bunch, stitch a few stitches through the base and center of the flower and then wrap/weave it around the top of the hair comb. A little tippy tip. The nicer the faux flower, the nicer the hair comb will look. I had these branches of wax covered/textured orchids for a while now. Not really in my decor scheme, yet still really beautiful. Some of the best fakies I have ever seen. You could pick up a similar branch from Micheal's or Hobby Lobby for cheap. There are about ten flowers on the branch. Catching my drift? Thinking what I am thinking?

You could make these for...

Bridesmaids? Family reunion? Summer birthdays? A perfect handmade gift for close to zilch. Don't worry you don't have to thank me just yet... I have eight more of these beauts to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with me ;)