Ready for parts three and four of my mini series? Three is so incredibly easy (but so cute!) it hurts and four is a tad more complicated. (Did you check out version one and two yet?

Complicated if you don't have any hands.

What is that you say? You don't have hands? And you are a crafter! Wowza!! You could probably teach me a thing or two. Give me a jingle on the jangle k?

Here we go!

The key to this diy is the sparkly vinyl. I just love that stuff! I have used it here... and here. You can find it here.

Ok ready for total dorkville?

A sparkly heart gets me smiling every time :)

and on ta #4

I started this version by pacing around the house and finding every single sparkly thing I could that would fit on my needle. Parts from old earrings, necklaces, general craft supplies, corpses of dead diys. You get the gist. Pretty dang simple for such spectacular results. I started by threading the needle, stringing on a pearl, knotting it onto the end of the comb and worked my way across the comb adding more beads as I went. Secure with a fat ol knot and you are gtg.

On to five and six tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.