Sick of hair comb ideas yet? No? Good! Cuz here are two more beauties. Both equally simple and fab. If you haven't yet, make sure to check out parts one/two and three/four.

A recap on what I am doing here. At the beginning of the new year I was a bit bogged down reminiscing about sugar plums and faux snow frosted ornaments. In other words I was feeling a bit low because the NY signals the end of my favorite time of the year. My creative juices weren't flowing. They were more like syurp.


I gave myself a craft assignment. Create 10 versions of the oft forgotten hair comb. All versions utilize various (need to know!) crafting techniques and materials found about the house.

Here is one such version.

Sweet isn't it? Perfect for a little girl too. I used my fabric scrap rolled flower tut to make this hair comb. I made three little rolled flowers with one slightly larger and hot glued it directly onto the metal comb. Bingo bongo.

Here is version #6

Grab a stash of feathers (about 10 will do the trick). Trim off a rectangular piece of felt the approximate width of the comb. Arrange the feathers on the felt, use hot glue to secure, then finally hot glue the felt onto the comb.

I prefer the hair comb to the barrette. It doesn't leave marks or pull my hair.

What is your favorite so far? I am torn between the sparkly heart and the feathers.

Thanks for stopping by!