I say hair you say comb.





Hair Comb?

Yes, a hair comb. It you are just joining us we are in the middle of our hair accessory craft challenge. By we I mean me, and by challenge I mean FUN! Last week I gave myself a craft homework assignment. Create some cute and easy diy hair combs. Everyone does headbands or bobby pins, I thought we could mix it up a bit with the hair comb. All of my versions are easy to make and are complied of average everyday craft supplies. Something you can actually do, like, right NOW!
If you haven't already, please check out one/two, three/four, and five/six.

In case you forgot, this is what a hair comb looks like.

Now onto version seven. Very Parisian. Wee Wee si si!

Supplies: Pearls, black ribbon tied into a little bow and your hot glue gun. Can you tell that mine has some milage on it? Holy hot glue cobwebs batman! Please don't take this as any indication as to how I keep house.

   Pretty simple. I started by gluing the bow onto one side, then worked my way across the comb with the bottom row of pearls. It is easier if you add the dab of hot glue directly onto the pearl and then press into place. Be generous with the hot glue to secure the pearls.

A nice addition to by side braided bun. A staple in my hairdo weekly regimen. Perhaps a diy in in order?

Now on to eight

Some clear crystal (or in this case, plastic) beads, some thin gauge wire & a hot glue gun.

Secure the wire with hot glue. If needed, when complete, give your comb a blast with a warm hair dryer to get rid of glue cobwebs. Add as much or as little wire as you want. I went 'mid-range' on the wireage amountage.

Hummm, I'm liking this. FYI, It has some serious weight to it, which is kind of nice. Seems like the nicer and more luxurous an accessory is, the more weight it has. Think purses, heels, earrings, knits... the nicer the material the heavier it is. For example, my brand new Kate Spade (birthday present boo-yah!) with it's bang'n gold tone hardware and thick leather has some serious heft.

Oh boy, do I really have more hair comb versions to share? Yes, yes I do :)
Thanks for stopping by!