Alright time to jump on the bib necklace bandwagon. You see them allllll over the place. At first glance I was like 'yeah right I really want to look like a gladiator/baby'... gladiator because it reminded me of armor and baby because it reminded me of well, a bib. But as always fashion styles grow on me until I find myself wearing a beret, harem pants a fur vest and lace boot socks all at the same time ;). Ok a little over the top but I honestly have changed my opinion on bib necklaces and decided to give one a try. Only I'm not to keen about the over the top blinged out versions you will find in retail stores and on the pages of fashion magazines. No, I wanted a homier craftier version. Plus I have a huge stash of pretty vintage fabric scraps that need some love'n. So here we go...

Tips & Pointers: First thing is to find yourself a really pretty piece of fabric. Something that you can trim around into a bib shape, like the floral fabric I selected. This DIY is really pretty simple. First trim out your fabric into your desired shape, glue onto some stiffer/thicker felt (with the ribbon sandwiched in between), trim off the excess felt and finish it off with some embellishments. I embellished my bib with some puff paint to accent the colors in the fabric and then applied some Swarovski crystals and blue metal studs before the glue dried. So simple, so pretty and really easy to individualize. A good fabric scrap buster too. I have a couple more floral scraps that I have some ideas for... hummm the crafting never ends :)

Hope you week is shaping up ship shape. We have two sick babies so there has been lots of wiping of running noses, cuddles and naps. Mama is exhausted. Ready, set, break.
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