I was feeling festive this weekend and decided that our front door needed to be festive as well. So I scrounged around the craft closet to see what I had. To be found were four little canvases, lots of scrapbook paper, paint and some wooden letters that we intended for another project. This one won the battle of fall diys that were dancing around in my noodle.

It is a pretty straight forward diy.

First cut out scrapbook paper and glue to the canvas. I left a little border around the edge so I could paint it. Then paint the sides of the canvases, and don't be neat about it ;) I like how the rough brush strokes of the paint show up on the decorative paper. While those are drying paint the letters in coordinating colors. I used just a touch of black paint to give the letters a rubbed/distressed look. Once all the pieces are dry, glue the letters on to the canvases. Then staple or glue the canvases onto a ribbon or rope. You can place them straight up and down but I like the off kilter angles of the example above. Use about three feet of ribbon to give you lots of wiggle room when attaching to the door.

How are your fall decorations coming along? Good I hope! (or is it well? I am no grammarian... Just a FYI)

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