Do you love all things chippy & vintage like me? Well if so this quick craft is right up your ally. I am currently obsessed with antique mirrors, but after doing some research I am not impressed with the prices of store bought pieces nor the harsh chemicals used to make them your self. So what to do, what to do.... be creative! I read many tutorials on how to make your own mercury glass and it seemed like I could transfer the basics to create a faux antiqued mirror. So here you go... Enjoy and be prepared to want to antique your entire household :)

My inspiration.... Anthropologie's Collected Memories Mirror

What you need: Thrift store picture frames with glass. The glass is key! If you can find some that are chipped or cracked even better, that will add to the vintage feel. You will also need a spray bottle with one part vinegar to 3 parts water. And lastly you will need the miracle product KRYLON LOOKING GLASS SPRAY PAINT.
(buy multiples... believe me you will put them to good use :) )

What to do: Take the glass out of the frame and clean. Start with a light spritz of the water vinegar solution on the glass. Then take the spray paint and lightly cover the glass with short bursts about 6" away. Let dry and repeat the spritz with the vinegar solution and then the spray paint. Do this about three to four times. It doesn't have to be perfect as you are trying to go for an antique chippy feeling. Make sure the glass is completely dry before slipping it back into the frame. Make sure the painted side is on the inside and the smooth side is out. I scuffed up the frame a bit and added some aqua paint because it is my favorite color :) Aren't they totally gorgeous! And the frames only cost me $1.99 each at goodwill. I love love love this craft and will be making lots of home decor items, gift and accessories out of this miraculous product!

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