Is it chilly by you yet? It was here for a hot minute (I guess for a crisp moment), but now we have this darn Santa Ana that blasts us with 80+ degree weather. Wah wah. I know I shouldn't be complaining about the fantastic weather we have here in southern Cali, but I can't help it. I want my sweaters and scarves and boots and cozy nights watching my husband lay naked in front of the fire on a bear skin rug... just kidding ;) but you get my point. All I can think about fashion wise is chunky knits and leather ankle boots. Not flip flops and sundresses. This diy has been floating around my head for a while and I finally put all the pieces together. This is what I came up with. Minimal sewing skills required to get this cozy, fuzzy, absolutely glam accessory. Now if only our weather would cooperate.
If you have any questions you can find me standing in the freezer section at my local super market. :) 

Okie dokie here are the deets
Materials: 1/2 yard of faux fur. I picked up some at Hobby Lobby but they only had two choices to choose from, so if you need a huge selection you might want to head to your local fabric source. You will also need a thinner head scarf or long strip of silky fabric, approximately 1 to 1.5 yards in length. Some pins and your sewing machine. You can hand stitch this project, just takes a lot more time.
Directions: Lay out your fabric fuzzy side down and pin the short edges in on them selves so you can create a nice finished edge. Stitch both sides & back stitch to hold in place. The lay the piece of fabric out (again fuzzy side down) and fold in half length wise. Stitch together. Turn right side out. Slide scarf or silky fabric or ribbon through the fur tube. Twist multiple times, place around your neck and tie the scarf in a bow. Wah La!

BONUS! You can change up the scarf or piece of silky fabric to coordinate with your outfit. A more subtle color for daily wear and then something sparkly for night time.... I'm thinking New Years?

PS I totally got this idea from Anthropologie. I saw this. Loved it. Knew I had to figure out a way to make it. What do you think? Pretty darn close for a half hours worth of sewing ;)

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