Ahhh September fashion issue... I do love you and your 'two-inch-thick-ad-section-before-you-even-get-to-the-table-of-contents'.  Lately I am loving the metal lace cuff bracelets that are showing up here and there. One such designer of these cuffs is Aurelie Bidermann. Her wares sell @ Bloomingdales, Barneys and Net-a-porter. All way way wayyyyy out of my price range.

ouch! this bad boy sells for over $1,800.... well... it is dipped in 18 karat gold.

Here is my version. Pretty good for 5 doll hairs.

Tips & Pointers: I picked up some lace trim at Hobby Lobby, all the rest of the supplies I had around the house. I measured around my arm in the approximate position where I would like to wear the bracelet. Trimmed off a piece and taped in place around a bottle that is the size of my arm. Then I gave the lace a couple of coats of fabric stiffener. Let that set for 15 to 20 minutes then brush on a metallic paint. Wipe off any excess paint so that the lace pattern is clear. Set to dry for a couple of hours and then gently remove from the bottle. If the bracelet is still to flexible give it another coat with the fabric stiffener.
Simple and pretty. I need to get some gold paint so I can do a couple more.... maybe even use a doily the next time. That would probably resemble AB's cuff more.

Hope the week is shaping up well for you guys. It is hump day Wednesday.... the weekend is in sight ;)

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