Finally we are feeling the fall here in southern California.

Yeahhhhhh! Yes! Whoot-whoot! Oh Boooy :)

Feel my enthusiasm? No? Well how about another whoopeeeee!

 We live in an interesting part of San Diego. Far enough away from the coast to avoid the constant marine layer during May-June-July, but close enough to the mountains to see the thunderheads and count the lighting strikes but avoid the torrential downpour. So as I watched the thunderheads yesterday with the kiddos and perused the intranets for Halloween party inspirations I was suddenly struck by my need for animal print. Every have that happen? Have a I-need-this-right-now-gotta-go-do-it-it-is-gonna-be-fab ideas? Ok, maybe a little over dramatic but I just had to put down my sketch pad and whip up these bad boys for fall. Enjoy!

Pretty simple, and I am sure you can find some ready made versions of these, but I had some fur on hand and I like how I can customize it to fit my boots perfectly.

Tips & Pointers.

*Find a pair of socks that are just a touch taller than your boots.
*Measure the fur so that it fits nicely around the outside of your boot top. Not tight and not loose.
*Stitch the piece of fur together so that it makes a loop, pull the sock (right side out) through it and stitch just the top of the fur to the sock's top edge. You want to be able to pull the fur around the outside of your boot.
*I use a thread that will blend in with your sock/fur.
* I actually tacked the fur to the sock with two stitches on either side and then slide the sock on and finished stitching. Stretching it out made the whole process easy. Just don't poke your leg...

   I have seen this idea floating around this season with lace. Thought I would give it a little spin with fur. Hobby Lobby has spools that have just enough faux fur to fit around two boots. Like they were made for this craft ;)

The fall fashion frenzy has begun.

Thanks for stopping by!