When this diy came to me I smacked myself on the forehead and said "Doy!".

So....I have been slacking on getting the kids room together. Seriously slacking. But this weekend I got it in my head to get'er done.... well, at least started. My first mission: The Gallery Wall.
always a but
I didn't want to spend a thing. And I didn't. I gathered up some old canvases from the depths of the hall closet and spray painted them with chalkboard paint. The canvases were sourced from Hobby Lobby (intended for other potential long now forgotten about projects) & Goodwill. And yes, that is a booty in one of the canvases above ^^^^^^. Don't ask ;)
Then after the paint dries, whip out your chalk paint pens, chalk pencils, side walk chalk, school chalk and scribble away. I gathered my inspo from etsy.

wait for it...




Snaze-o-licious. And free. Everything was gathered from around the house and hung up willy nilly. No rhyme or reason. Just go with the flow. And better yet... I can change the art as the kids grow older and develop their own preference in art, just wipe and begin again.

Yeah yeah yeah for a beautiful week! I'm just a lil excited because I finally talked the mister into letting me have a small flip down TV for the kitchen. For the news right?! (((((((shushhhhhhh...... it's really so I won't miss the major b&*^% fests on real housewives while stirring the macky-cheese ))))))


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