We've all seen the 'Gallery Wall'. A mis matched hod podge of pictures, illustrations and various knickknacks that make our hearts go pitter patter. But my heart pitters no more. Instead it yearns for more simple yet stately adornment. Something a bit more grown up. Enter mirrors stage left. Exit mis mash stage right.
 Here is my version of a DIY gallery wall of mirrors

   Positively exciting right? Well, not really. But it does have the Ballard Designs/Pottery Barn/Traditional yet quirky yet beautiful yet still personal quality I was going for. I need as much calm as I can get right now and this reflective wall gives me just that. Something pretty to look and not tiring in the bit.
   Here is a little eye candy for you to see what I was going for (and hopefully achieved)

Via Martha Stewart

Via Kelly Wearstler

Via The Lettered Cottage

via Mary McDonald Interior Design

They are all pretty awesome right? I am totally digging the dark walls topped with the gold star burst mirrors. Right up my home decorating alley.

Off to bask in the glorious flow of our air conditioning.

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