Bam! Here is the finished product of my glam ikea hack, inspired by one of my fav blogs, The Hunted Interior.

    Sure I'd like to say I come up with ALL the great diy ideas, but alas alas, a diy demi god I am not. What I am is a lover of all good diys and sharing/spreading to good gospel when I can. When I saw this diy, I just knew knew KNEW it was exactly what I had been pining for and I had to give it a shot. And hey?!?! Who can beat that $40 price tag on a new gorgeous gold and glass coffee table? Ummmmm you can't. I looked and looked and looked and most tables like this^^^^ in the retail stores are mucho mucho dinero. As in almost a grand... so like 50,000 pesos.... or 10 million yen.... you get it...
   Yesterday I had the table assembled and spray painted in Krylon Gold Plate and the bottom in glossy white. Once the bottom was dry I gave it this diy faux painted marble treatment. Sure I could go into detail about how to faux paint, but she did it so well that why fix what ain't broke. Finish a couple of coats of clear sealer (on both the tables and bottom panel) and bingo bongo you have yourself a fab glam stupendous savvy brilliant glimmery glittery glit piece of furniture for only a few smackers and barely a drop of sweat. My kind of diy. Awesome results for little $ and minimal effort. 

So if you can remember... the tables started off like this

and now they look like this....

I feel like it's the marble treatment that gives it the finishing touch. The sprinkles on the cupcake. And who wants a cupcake with out the sprinkles???

Thanks for stopping by! I am feelin the creative juices flowing again... all I needed to do was do what I do best.... a little blog love followed by some diy'n

mucho x's and o's