This recipe (minus the glitter) is perfect for homemade glue or wallpaper paste as well!

Tips & Tricks: This recipe makes one large bowl or about 4 pint mason jars worth. I like making this amount because it is easy to save, and I go through about this much in a weeks time. We love our crafting around these here parts, especially now that it is holiday season. October till end of December is holiday season for us.

This recipe really is simple. I have seen some crafters heat this stuff up, or add little extra ingredients here and there but I don't bother. This stuff works fab just the way it is. I simply pour all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and slowly add water to get a 'runny thick' consistency. Not watery and not peanut butter... some where in between. Stir till there are no lumps. If it is too thick, slowly add water, and if it is too runny then slowly add equal parts sugar and flour. 

You can find alum in your grocery store in the baking section.
It will dry clear.
It works great as a glitter paint.
It works as a mod podge substitute.
It works on paper, wood, over wall paint, over wall paper.
It has a slow drying time.

Note: It will dry and peel off of plastic or metal, so I don't recommend using it on those types of projects.

I am going to create a feature wall in our master bath using this, but thought I would first try it out on a smaller scale. Below are pics of this glitter paint/glue painted over the painted ceiling medallions that I have glued (using construction adhesive) to the wall in Lou's bedroom. I like how it has a subtle yet very pretty effect. What do you think?

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