Ok... so I got a little side tracked from the DIY Nursery Art series. The house is currently under construction (yeah dream country-fied kitchen here we come!), so the projects that I had in mind are currently on hold. Buuuuuut here is a quick beauty to keep you diy-ers satisfied.
 The DIY Glitter vase is perfect for your left over glassware and will spruce up any shindig, whether it be baby shower, bridal shower, brunch or birthday party.  I love sinking a single flower in the vase, but feel free to create a lovely little bouquet for the vase.

What you need: Old glassware. I used an old brandy snifter I found at Goodwill. They are a fantastic source for vases, cups and plates for your various DIYs. Then you will need some modge podge or craft glue. Some glitter and lastly but most importantly some crystal clear spray enamel.

What to do: Create a paste out of the glitter and craft glue. Spread on the inside bottom of the vase and if you feel like it on the upper inside edge. Let it dry for a couple of hours. Then give it a good coat of the spray enamel. This stuff is water proof so it will keep the glitter in place, but it is NOT dishwasher proof, nor SCRUB proof. This craft it meant to last for a couple of gatherings, by no means a lifetime ;)

Sink a bloom and you are good to go! I like to scatter these through out a buffet table, because the view looking down on them is what is really special. Hope you enjoyed this quick one and I promise to be back with more on the nursery art/decor soon!

So So so so so SO pretty :)

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