Chevrons, gold, glitter... what more can a gal ask for in a throw pillow? This past weekend the hubs and I did a craigslist run and picked up the most ridiculously glamorous FREE sofa. Sing it with me 'free free free set me free, free free sofa I can't believe you were free!'
 Mohair velvet, single owner, camel back... just plain vintage gold (yes that is an underline there). Basically I am in styling heaven right now rearranging furniture and accessories. But alas, none of the pillows on hand deserved to sit upon this luxurious lady. The sofa spoke to me 'My dear, I feel bare. A lady never makes a public appearance without her jewels on.'

 So I made her some jewels. Pretty gold sparkly couch jewelry.

Now my lady loveseat is no longer naked. She has her jewels on. 
Don't worry, you will be properly introduced soon. The great room has had a major rearrange and some new additions that I would like to share. The whole house is finally starting to come together. Not that it wasn't 'together' before, it's just that, haven't you ever walked into a house where the occupants have been there for years taking their sweet time making sure every single piece of furniture and decor is absolutely perfect? The house is stylish yet cozy and inviting. I want that house. I am making that house. One couch jewel at a time :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Oh- If you need a source of the sparkly vinyl, you can find it here.
Fusible interfacing here.
Blank pillow covers here.

one more look at this glittery gold goodie.