I am feeling super in love lately, and when I feel extra mushy gushy I just have to express it... craft wise. Yesterday was the mister and mine's third anniversary and I whipped up this little number to satisfy my desire to shout it from the rooftops. It's a pretty and shiny beacon of joy. When I walk in the bedroom and see it, it brings a smile to my face. On a side note this piece of art would also be totally adorable in say a nursery, living room, bedroom, garage, cellar, dungeon ect. You get my point. Works pretty much anywhere. Read on to see how I made it in under an hour...

Supplies: Wooden craft letters, canvas, gold leaf spray paint, gloss white spray paint and hot glue.

Step One: Spray the canvas with the gold spray paint. It must be the gold leaf kind to get the 'real' metallic look. A couple of nice even coats will do the trick. Make sure to get the edges.

Step Two: Spray the wooden letters with the white gloss spray paint. Again make sure to get the edges covered

Step Three: When letters and canvas are dry, attach the letters to the canvas with hot glue.



Bingo Bongo!


It's a keeper :)

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