This diy can't get any simpler. Even though it is like a mini promo for my other business Sue's Sparklers... I'm sure you will like it.
   As I stated before this month has been dedicated to revamping my closet. Even if that means a little touch up here and there. I really like how rock and roll this came out, yet it isn't too hard core. Even a mom sporting a baby carrier and pushing a tot around can rock this trend. Enjoy!

Tips & Pointers:
What you need: Your regular old iron, a hand full of iron on metal studs, a thin pressing cloth ( I used a piece of crafting felt) and something to decorate. In this DIY I used a plain pair of cut off denim shorts.
Start with a firm surface. I always slide a wooden cutting board in between the layers of what ever I am decorating. Then I laid out the pieces so that it covered the pocket yet exposed the decorative stitching. I used 8mm & 10mm gold flat studs. Flat studs work best on something that will see a lot of wear and tear (ie my booty sitting on it). Then turn your iron on to wool setting with no water in it so there is no steam (approx 350 degrees). Cover the pocket with the piece of wool or thin cotton fabric. Then press for one full minute. Just hold the iron in place to melt the glue on the back of the metal studs. Remove iron and let cool. Then gently check the edges of the studs to make sure they are properly adhered to the fabric. If loose just lightly touch the tip of the iron to the piece for 20 seconds to reactivate the glue. That is it... you now have yourself a rock-n-roll pair of cutoffs.

now go head to the beach, or saloon or grocery store and work-it gurrrl :)
There really is nothing like a bit of rock-n-roll to add a little swagger in your step and boost your confidence.
Thanks for stopping by! This week will be full of blinged out tuts... just feeling like I need a little glitz in my life right now.