I am currently compiling the tons of pics I have of my DIY Halloween party decorations... let me tell you, there are tons! Excited to share them but here is a little DIY I completed recently to fill in the gaps. Will have some Halloween madness up later this evening ;)
  This DIY is really sweet. I was recently contacted by an old high school bud to see if I could source something similar. I wasn't able to so I said I could whip one up. I was lucky to have all the supplies on hand and it only took me an evening to do. Perfect to share with everyone...

*I started with an unfinished wood plaque from Hobby Lobby. A whopping $2.99 for this pretty little guy. These buggers are my new best friend. There are so many possibilities for these wood plaques, I seem to always have one on hand.

*Rub a couple of coats of watered down black, light brown and dark brown paints to give it a distressed 'vintage' feel. Let that dry for 30 minutes.
*Then take a white pencil and lightly sketched the lettering. Erase if needed.
*Once you have a layout you like use a very small paint brush to paint. Work slowly. Don't worry too much about crisp edges of the letters, you will outline them once the paint is dry. If you really want crisp letters then I recommend using a stencil. I prefer the handmade feel of wing'n it.
*Once the paint is dry use a white fine tipped paint pen to out line the letters and circle underline.
*Then give the front and sides of the plaque two coats of polyurethane. Let sit 30 minutes between the two coats.
*Last step is to staple the wood rope hanger onto the back. About 18" (for .60 cents @ a hardware store) is a good length.

Pretty simple, very thoughtful. Perfect for grandma. Just the right amount of wonky-ness.

Thanks for stopping by! Be back soon for some Halloween mumbo jumbo.