Aren't they purdy? I am just lovin how they turned out. I have a slight confession to make, I am an ugly picture frame hoarder. Bum bum bum baaah.  Just can't help myself! Ever since I learned how to make mercury glass or antique mirrors, I've been snatching up any goodwill/thrift store/swap meet shenanigans I can get my hands on. So needless to say I have a huge stash that I can 'operation craft' on. But a house can handle only so many antique mirrors. Time to spruce up the frames and let them shine (literally!) doing what they were intended for.

Additional Tips and tricks.
*Go light with the hammer at first. Don't need to be goin all hog wild and bust it up!
*Hammer in multiple directions to get the right patina
*Two light/quick coats of the gold foil spray paint is all you need. It will run if you have too heavy of a hand.
*Let dry thoroughly before handling, otherwise you will be left with icky fingerprints.

Now off with you... go make yourself an instant (inexpensive) glamorous photo frame collection!

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PS I was featured on a super awesome site, Sole Mates! One of my glam DIY hair accessories along with some other great jewelry ideas. Check it out and spread the DIY's Gospel

Sole Mates

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