Back into the swing of things I guess?! Crafting always helped clear my mind (aka distract me from the incessant thoughts and worries buzzing around up there). So what better way to distract myself than with the thoughts of my loved ones faces when I present them with these b-e-a-utiful hand wrapped lovelies.

I did a little experimenting today. Stamp experimenting that is. I did a few variations and this is the first one that I deemed fit to share with you. I tried all sorts of things to stamp with. Whatever I had laying around. Everything from the good old stand by of potatoes, to sponges, to paper towels to fingers and last but not least celery. I was really pleased with the celery so I thought it deserved to go first. So here we go, check in after the how-to for tips and tricks...

Tips & Tricks:
* Apply the paint to the celery heart with a brush, if you just dip the celery into the paint and stamp you will be left with a giant blob. A big messy giant paint blob.
* I recommend using glitter paint. It has a nice subtle look.
*Stamping is not for you if are looking for perfection. So don't worry if you smudge here or there, it's the 'handcrafted' look you're going for.
*It is best to spread the brown kraft paper out on a table and stamp a 4-5 foot section at a time. Let dry at least an hour before you wrap the gift.
* If you have the supplies in your pantry/fridge, cut up a couple celery heart stamps. The variety adds richness to the wrapping paper.
* Little embellishments go a loooong way. I added a few pearl stickers a bell and some string, which I feel really jazzed it up.
*To really really jazz the paper up, sprinkle on some extra glitter while the paint is still drying. Jazzzzy!

Simple and beautiful. Hope your week is off to a good start. We have been quarantined away from the rest of our family. Not because we are sick but because they are sick. I just can't let that bug into our house or else we will forever be playing sicky ping pong between the four of us. Bleh!
Thanks for stopping by!