I thought it would be dandy to let you guys in on one of the projects that is underway behind the scenes right now... I am currently whipping up some patchwork jeans! Tah Dah! Drum roll please!


 Where did you go?

Wait! Come back! These are turning out so awesome, I promise. Not at all like those crazy (and hideous) denim duds of the past.

Here is my inspiration....

via Free People
(hello hottie!)

Via Free People
(I guess this is technically a print... but same concept)

Via Urban Outfitters
(Denim on denim on denim, so wrong it's right)

Come on.... if Gwen Stefani thinks patchwork is cool... then it's cool. Cuz she is like the ultimate cool girl. (PS those are L.A.M.B jeans, so she designed them).

I'll be back soon to post pics of the final project. Thanks for stopping by!