I've got big baubles
I've got big baubles

And they're such big baubles

fancy big baubles
And he's got big baubles,
And she's got big baubles,

But we've got the biggest baubles of them all!

Fancy Dancy DIY lyrics c/o ACDC (well, it's my rendition of Big Balls actually.. but I felt it was close enough!)

Anyone else stoked on the whole embellishments tend? Yes? No? I feel like you can never have enough beading, jewels, lace, dancing elephants, tambourine monkies, and umph! on clothing. I'm so done with the dull monochrome blah blah bleck ensembles of the past. Give me a three ring circus trampolining across my chest... shake what yo mama gave ya while you still got it right? I feel like I accomplished the B&B circus effect I was going for with this top (+ it's like, totally wearable!) Read (and look) on to see how I'ya did it.

Tips and Tricks:
*Gather up a pretty assortment of bead and jewels. I found mine at Hobby Lobby on sale, each strand was only a buck. But I also recommend looking @ MJ Trims, they have a fantabulous selection
*A nice thick sheet of cardstock is key. It prevents the glue form seeping.
* I have only used Jewel-It embellishment glue, so I can't speak to others. Jewel-It is AWESOME! I haven't add a bead fall of yet. And I have two finger picking babies and a grabby husband (just sayin!)
*Use globs of glue. You want it to seep around the edges of the bead to really get a good hold. Don't fret it will shrink and dry clear.
*Once the glue is applied, press those beads down firmly.
*ok ready? brace yourself....LET THAT SUCKER DRY FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS. DO YOU HEAR ME? CAN I STOP YELLING NOW? YES? ok good. But really let the garment dry for at least 24 hours before you really move it or pick at the embellishments.It's not a particularly quick drying glue, but it works well it you give it the proper dry time.
*Try not to launder the garment excessively. But if you must, just turn it inside out and place inside a garment (or lingerie) bag.

That's it. Basically just gluing. Like a kindergarten macaroni rainbow art project. :)

Thanks for stoppin by!