So lately I have had glitter on the brain. Could it be because I was asked to collaborate with a big name on some glitter diys? (YAYYYYYYYY YIPPPPEEEE for me ;) ) Yeah I bet that's it. Details to come soon. Big toothy grin over here.

 But anyway I have been brainstorming up a storm (punny right?!) for this feature diy. Brainstorming is kind of my thing. I love bubble charts and lists. Any scrap piece of paper is subject to my doodles and ideas. But now that my feature diy is complete I thought I would test out a few of my other ideas. Here is one that is super inexpensive, super easy and just darn cute!

I regularly scout major high end jewelry and accessory designers for ideas. Here is one from Kate Spade New York that I thought was totally adorbs.

The Kate Spade Short Scallop Necklace.

I am a gold girl, so here is me giving this Kate Spade a diy whirl. Ha! Rhymes are cute, no? Ok just ignore me and check out the diy below. Save your self $150!!!

I found the sparkly gold vinyl from Hobby Lobby for around .40 each (with a coupon). It comes in all sorts of colors so you could really get crafty. Everything else I had on hand.
NOTE: The spray adhesive was a little tricky so I also recommend using hot glue.

Ha. I just noticed I have bangs in one pic and not in the others. There was a time lapse in between the pics. A disaster with paint pens had to be averted and I just had to get that hair out of my face! Oh well! How fashion and beauty suffers with kiddos around.

Hope you are having a 'sparkly' week!

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