Summer . is . here .
Can I get a boo-yah? A hell-yeah? An Allllright? Maybe a groovy? How bout just a plain ol' YESSSsssssSSSS! With a fist pump, knuckle bump.... yeah....go ahead and explode it. Boom
Summer to moi is countless hours spent outside gardening, splashing in the kiddie pool, spraying the kids with the hose, dive into the sand box, rush over to the fountain, then back to the pool to start the summer-play-keeping cool cycle all over again. But this summer I want to incorporate the kiddos into the gardening a bit more. Rather than keeping it all to my little ol self, I want to include them in on the fun.
So here is my inspiration for a few kid friendly garden projects I plan on attempting this summer. I have been busliy pinning and sketching my ideas and I can't wait to get started. We have this giant open space that is just begging to get in to the kid-fun action.

1. Paint some rocks or stepping stones

2. Turn a bird bath into a bubble station

3. Create a mini sensory garden. Aka lots of herbs and fragrant flowers

Via MSN Home and Garden

4. Plant sunflowers. Have the babes help with it all. From sewing the seeds, to watering them to cutting them and arranging them in vases. I mean, whats more summer than sunflowers?!

Via pinterest. Link was broken

5. Create an in-ground sandbox/play pit. Finally a place AWAY from the house for all that stinkin sand! Bonus: That shade structure with a bunting banner is adorable!

via apartment therapy
6. DIY obstacle course

Via Under the Sycamore (Ashley Ann Photography) One of my fav blogs :)

7. Lawn. Period the end. You gotta have some grass for the littles. We don't. And I'm dying to have some! I know it's not water efficient here in SoCal, but I'm not looking for a whole football field. I (I mean the kids...ahem) just want a little patch to roll around in

8. A flower garden (aka mama's cutting garden). Who wouldn't want to stop and literally smell the roses.... or gardenias, or lilies, or daises....

9. Add some sort of water feature. Whether it be a fountain, small kiddie pool or a sprinkler set. When in doubt, place kids in water. Almost always a life saver in the turn-that-attitude-around department.

10. A pint sized picnic table for pint sized activities.

Via The Little Picnic

via The Kennedy Adventures

Hope these ideas help you add a little bit more whimsy and fun to your kid friendly garden. I'll keep you updated on the progress of ours :)

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