The kids are restless, I am restless. I have long since reached and passed the 'I'm so over this' part of pregnancy that I'm ready to start doing jumping jacks while running up and down stairs while eating pineapple and drinking castor oil if I knew it would make this kid come out any faster. But alas I must follow the Doc's advice of 'He will come when he comes' and 'rest'.... Uh, yeah right.  I am also continuing to nest even though I have scrubbed every surface, hung every picture, washed every stitch of clothing and read every online article. So I thought I'd let the kids in on the nesting action by letting them get unnecessarily messy by painting one of my $2 canvas drop cloths. And let me tell ya, They were over JOYED. Ecstatic, bouncing off the walls happy to paint with their fingers, hands, feet, elbows and tushes.
   So really all you need for this DIY is a drop cloth from Home Depot (they are cheap cheap cheap), some left over house paint and a kid or two to dive in and splatter away. Oh and a place where you can spread out and let em get messy. We have a gravel patch out back that worked great.
  With little guidance from me I let them go willy nilly and I'm pretty pleased with the results! Eventually I plan on framing it or stretching it, but for now I just tacked it up with a few nails. 

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.... and fingers and noses

Each section could be a piece of frame-able art, so If I get over this huge bugger I could easily cut it up and frame smaller portions.

Translates much better in person than in pictures. If I did it again, I would limit the colors even more. The gold is what I wanted to really stand out. I think I'd do black, white and gold. A little more sophisticated/adult, but how can you say no to the littles when they are yelling 'BLUE!... GREEN!.... PINK!!!!'

Getting messy is half the fun and then getting clean is the other half. Painting was just a vehicle for these two to take a dip. Now I have something else to scrub.... ;)

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