Thought I would share a little tour of my yard. I have shared snippets here and there on facebook & instagram, but never a full spread. If I'm not DIY'n you can find me here. Gloves and wellies on, face smudged with dirt and sweat and a shovel in hand. I started out knowing nothing and now I feel pretty confidant in my gardening abilities. What was once a dirt patch is now something pretty special (at least to me!). And I guess I must be doing something right cuz the neighbors stop and say they love it (personally I think they are jut glad not to be staring at the weed haven/dirt disaster it used to be.) Hope you enjoy! If you have any specific questions send them my way. This post is mostly images.
Thanks for stopping by!
First a few before pics...

Then KA-ZAM!

I have a new love of succulents. So architectural and beautiful!

Dusty Miller

A mix of California sage, rockrose, golden euynamus, century plant and African dasies.

Can't be a southern California garden with out a few agave.

A variegated century plant

Some aloe (great from peeling and putting on sunburns)

Told ya I was shoveling gravel lately...

Can't have enough blue pea gravel. I just love the stuff.

Ornamental grasses.

Mix of flax, honeysuckle, sage and grasses

A San Diego fav... bougainvillaea

A gift from a neighbors garden.

Iceberg roses

A canna lily. Yes, I know it's not waterwise, but a few won't hurt.

Stattice and asparagus fern.

My growing collection of succulents. Which will be planted in a bit.

I hope to have many more of these soon.... like the garden tour I took a while back.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a gander at the garden. Hope you have a fab weekend