Anyone else a gold lover?


I can't get enough of the stuff.

 I say bring on the gaudy chunky gold chains, fancy gilt picture frames, glittery gold nailheads on furniture, and glitzy gold buttons and baubles on my clothing. I always find myself reaching for the gold version of whatever as compared to it's equally glamorous cousin, silver. I find gold to be warmer, more inviting. But that's just me.

   Another thing I love? Antique mirrors...or mercury glass to be more exact. Ever since the wonderful product 'Looking Glass' spray paint came about from Krylon I have been knocking out my own collection of mercury glass containers left and right.... you can read more about that here.
You can also read how to create antique mirrors out of the same stuff here and here

  But I've always wished these containers could have a warmer glow. When there is a candle lit inside them they are just lovely, but I can't have candles strewn about in my house with the little running around going 'Pwefff Pwefff'. (They think it's just the funniest thing to try and blow out candles.... not to mention the hazards of candles/littles 


So here is my simple solution. A layered approach....


Simple Directions:
1. Clean your glass container. I got this heavy square one from the dollar store a while ago.
2.Tape off the outside with painters tape.
3. Coat the inside of the container with Gold Foil spray paint from Krylon. Do quick thin coats to avoid drips. Let dry for an hour.
4. Peel off painters tape. Give the outside a light spritz with water. Then follow up by a few quick spritzes of Krylon Looking Glass spray. Follow by another spritz of the water bottle. Let dry for an hour then repeat this step. To read more in depth instructions on how to achieve the mercury glass effect read my diy here.
But that is basically it.... just a regular diy mercury glass but with the simple twist of coating the inside of the container with your color of choice.

Pretty right?

Thanks for stopping by!