Anyone remember Fiona Paxton? I sure do. Miz Paxton is a fabulous, glamorous, tremendous all the 'ous' adjectives you can think of, jewelry designer. Her beaded/chain Sylvie necklaces were all the rage a few years ago.

 They were popping up all over the place and on every 'it' female fashionista. Think Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Cameron Diaz ect ect ect. Well oh well... to this day I still think about those suckers and wish that I had a few hundo laying around so I could score myself one of those bad boys. So tough, so chic, so ME. But alas life has come full circle and I have a huz and two babies to take care of and laying down a few bengies for a necklace just isn't in the cards. So here is my attempt at recreating a Paxton piece I saw the other day in Urban Outfitters. BTW I think that it is awesome that her pieces translate across multi generations. You can find her pieces in the snooty falooty Nieman Marcus down to the grunge lovin Urban Outfitters. Love it!

Fiona Paxton Priscilla Necklace

Ok ok... so not exactly at the same level as Fiona, but it generates the same feel. And who can beat free? All these supplies were already on hand. You can pick up hot fix studs here. Make sure to click around, there are so many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Sue's Sparklers is the place to go for anything hot fix/iron on.

General run through. I first laid out the faux leather flat (leather side up) and put on a few studs to get a general feel as to how thick the strips needed to be. I wanted the leather to show so the width of the strips was slightly larger than the studs. I cut out three strips @ about 2 feet to 2.5 feet in length. Then lay the studs out carefully, cover with a thin cloth (I used a washcloth), press with your iron for one minute at wool temp, let cool and then check the pieces to see if there are any loose edges. If so, just recover with the cloth and press for another 30 seconds. Tip: you need to iron on a firm surface like a cutting board or table... not an ironing board. Repeat for all three strips. Then bind the ends of the strips together with another thin strip of faux leather. Shorten a couple of the studded strands so that the three strips lay at different points. Before really tightening and securing with a knot or two, play with how the studded strands lay to make sure the studs face out. Then knot it, sling that bad boy around your neck and go gloat to your friends ;)

 I really like the boho feel of this necklace. Perfect for layering on top of cozy over-sized sweaters or with a jean jacket and maxi dress.

 BONUS: You can make a variety of accessories by following these general guidelines. Think headbands, bracelets, belts, boot accessories, so on and so forth.... oh the possibilities ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have a few little girl sewing & refashion diys coming up next. Time to update Lou's wardrobe.