Love this product.... I seem to be using it on just about everything lately :)  Hope you enjoy this quick and easy craft. It really is simple.

Inspiration: Martha Stewart Mercury Glass
What you need: Head to the dollar or thrift store and load up on glassware. Any and everything from vases, to candle sticks to plates and little cups. Trust me you will love how these turn out and you will want to create an instant collection. I wen to good ol Goodwill and scored a vase, a glass cloche and plate and what looks like an old fish bowl. You will also need a spray bottle with one part vinegar and three parts water mixture. Lastly you will need to pick up a couple of cans of KRYLON LOOKING GLASS spray paint. Believe me when I say a couple because you will soon be coating everything you own with this fabulous product. I picked up mine on sale at Hobby Lobby.

What to do: Make sure your glass pieces are clean and dry. First take the vinegar solution and lightly mist the inside of the pieces. Then take the spray paint and coat the inside with short bursts. Hold the can about 3 to 6 inches away from the glass. It is alright if some of the vinegar solution and paint pool at the bottom. Pick up the piece and swirl this around the glass, this will add to the vintage mercury feel. Let dry for a couple of minutes and repeat with the vinegar solution and paint. Let stand for about 10 minutes then do one last coat of the Looking Glass paint. I finished by letting the piece dry over night and then doing a quick coat of clear protective spray paint to give the piece a little extra durability.
      Wha -La!!! That is it. A piece of cake right? Boy do I love these quick and easy crafts that have fantastic results.