And the nesting has begun.... but at least it's starting with pretty girly 'me' stuff and not mushy gushy cutesy babykins. Gotta get the me time in while I can. And how do I like to do that? By taking a nice bath with a stack of magazines and my pandora app blaring. Yep that sounds divine. So I did just that. But did I relax and enjoy it? No of course not! Instead I was staring around my bath thinking that it was lacking in the pretty department and I was totally irked by my mismatching bath/toiletries set. My next trip to Walmart rectified that lickety split. I scooped up some cheap clear toiletries holders. A toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion dispenser and two canisters with lids for cotton swabs and makeup remover pads. Oh and a candle. Gotta have lots of candles in the bath. All cost me less than $15. Pretty good when you think about the finished product. Just ONE mercury glass container will cost you more than $25 retail. No thanks. Not looking to go broke prettying up my bath.  Read on for the deets

1. Make sure your containers are clean.
2. Give them a light spritz with water. You want beads to form on the surface
3. Give the container a light coat with Looking Glass spray paint from Krylon. Let dry for 10 minutes. Follow up with another coat of the looking glass. Set to dry for an hour. You want to spray on the outside for this diy. Usually I suggest spraying the inside on vases and candle holders. But for this one you are prepping containers that will hold soap and such on the inside.
4. Give any plastic containers a coat with a high gloss or gloss clear polyurethane. This will help the pieces get the same shine as glass pieces. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP. Otherwise any plastic pieces will have a dull sheen to them.

Fill and display as usual! You will want to hand wash these babies. No dishwasher por favor.

I am loving how they turned out. Exactly what I was shooting for. A good ol' knock off.

A side note. This candle cost me $3 and looks like it cost way more than that... I'm thinking future Christmas presents and gift exchanges.....

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