Oh hey-zues-christos...Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As in less then a week. As in OMG I have a lot to do! I just realized that yesterday. Breathe in... breathe out.

So while I stress myself bald over this mondo turkey that I need to prepare (first one!), here is a quick home decor diy. A sweet and nature inspired mini wheat wreath. Just perfect for chair decorations, or to layer over a mirror. Here we go!

Ok I literally whipped this up in FIVE MINUTES! No glue, no stress and no mess and little cost! Exactly they kind of holiday decorations you need when you have other more important things. Like making a tasty turkey.
*Wrap the wreath in a three foot strip of fabric approx 2" in width
*Wrap firmly but not super tight.
*Pin in place with sewing or map pins on the 'backside'
*Trim the stalks of wheat to approx 5" in length. Then shove under the wrapped fabric. If the fabric is wrapped firmly, then it will hold the wheat with out any glue/pins!
*Pin a 12" x 3" strip of suede in place as the wreath hanger. You will need to wrap it around the chair rail first and then pin in place.

So pretty, clean and natural. This is my favorite type of home decor. Feels like it came straight out of the Terrain catalog right? (Terrain is Anthropologie's garden offshoot, a new favorite source of inspiration)

Wheat is pretty fantastic. So decorative in it's natural form that you really don't need to do much to it.

Happy Friday!  And have a lovely weekend!

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