I went to Home Goods.... I went to Hobby Lobby.... I went to Pottery Barn.... I went to Macy's.... I went to Z Gallerie.... I went to Anthropologie... I went to, I went to, I went to.... NO one has a Moroccan Mirror. Bawh!!!!

Then I looked online. Ebay, Hudson Goods & One Kings Lane all had some great pieces, but do I have thousands of doll hairs to spend on a single mirror?!?! Huh! Do I?! NO...

so here is my crack at making one.

Tips and Tricks:
Just a major FYI before we get started. This sucker is heavy. So make sure to start with a sturdy large framed mirror. I found one at Home Goods for $24, and it had a nice solid 4" (plastic) frame around it.
*Start by googling images of Moroccan patterns. They can get pretty intricate, so I recommend finding one that is fairly simple and easy to repeat over, and over and over again.
*Lay out all your tiles in a grid
*Start with the outline of the pattern
*Fill in and add any extra details
*Lay your mirror our on a flat firm surface with a towel down to protect it.
*Lay out your tiles around the frame and decide of placement and spacing of each tile
*Use a healthy amount of liquid nails construction adhesive to the back of each tile and press onto the frame of the mirror.
*Apply the tiles to the entire perimeter of the mirror
*Apply two coats of polyurethane to seal and protect the tile's pattern
*Let set for at least 24 hours
Hang or lean as desired. As mentioned before, this mirror is heavy so you will definitely need to seek guidance at your local hardware store on a proper way to hang it. I just have it leaning in my bathroom, and I don't think I will hang it.

I really like how it turned out. The imperfections of the tiles really make it seem legit and ancient. Exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Bonus points...when I cracked and chipped a few tiles, it only added to the ambiance ;)

So exotic... and to think it came from my garage (and Lowe's)

Thanks for stopping by!