Ready for fall decorating festivities? I am. While yes, I have been totally entrenched in my DIY Halloween Party decoration extravaganza, I also have been thinking about fall. Cool breezes, leaves changing color, having a legitimate reason to bake a pie.... just a few of my favorite things about fall.
  This DIY is something that can easily be adapted to fit any decor or any holiday. I picked a moose because it feels fall-ly to me. I also was considering a witch on a broom. But I didn't do the witch. Gotta draw a line somewhere in this Halloween madness. So here we go... a DIY Moss Animal Silhouette...

Tips & Pointers: The cork roll was from Hobby Lobby for under $10, but you can probably find some at any craft or office supply store. The picture frame was a salvage from a dumpster and the moss was from the dollar store. DID YOU KNOW THAT?!?!?! They have decorating moss at the DOLLAR STORE!!!! Coulda saved me some major $$$ if I had known that a lot earlier in my crafting career.
  Basic run through. Start with tracing frame to see how large the cardstock will need to be. Then take that and trace it on to the cork and trim it out. Scissors work just fine on a thin roll of cork. Use spray adhesive to affix the cardstock to the cork. Then find a silhouette of an animal. I just used google images and traced directly from my computer screen... or you can print out an image if your fancy schmancy like that. Trim out the shape and trace it onto the cork. Then power up your glue gun. I did the perimeter of the moose first by rolling up little pieces of moss into mini cigar shapes.(Tip: make sure the image you pick is not very intricate. It is really difficult to mold the moss into little wha-jigs). Then fill in the shape with larger pieces of moss. Lastly take your scissors and trim around the perimeter if the animal to clean it up a bit. Tape it or secure it in your frame and display at will.
  Not too shabby. I will probably create a few more of woodland type creatures. Perhaps a deer or an owl or maybe even a hedgehog. They can all live together as one big happy herd.

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