We are so ready for summer time. I think there will lots of days spent at the beach. Just have to be extra careful with the babes and the sun. Beach bumming it will be. Until then I am trying to cram all my spring & summer time crafts in so I can really enjoy the time with them. I also plan on having a few get togethers at the house and I felt that my entrance isn't so 'grand' these days. So a little diy was in order. Moss Wreaths Anthro Style... Enjoy!

What you need: A basic twig wreath. I got mine at Micheal's. Lots and lots of moss. I like to get a variety, it really adds depth to this DIY... a little more finesse. Some fern like extras, and any additional 'goodies' you might like to add, such as a bird nest, eggs or a little critter. Lastly some twine to hang it from when you are done.

I started by bunching the Spanish moss into little balls and squeezing them around the wreath. A nice little layer, but leave some of the twigs peeking out. Lots of hot glue to secure in place. Then I sporadically added some reindeer moss. This is the greener 'prettier' kind. Again let the twigs poke through. Then add some bits and pieces here and there. I stuck with some little fern like clippings. I really like how the different greens, yellows, tans and browns play against each other. Really adds some depth and personality to the wreath. Lastly I wrapped some twine around the wreath and hung it up! Easy peasy. Now I think my front door has the Anthro style I am so infatuated with.
Happy Spring almost Summer Time to YOU!

Thanks for stopping by. I think I'll go make another one to put on the other door.... which reminds me that I need to get a larger door mat. A double one.... ummm Target anyone? Or perhaps Hobby Lobby. Decisions decisions