Pretty nifty refashion, eh? Just scoop up some neon pink bottles of nail polish from the dollar store, rescue your long forgotten plain oxfords from the bottom of the closet and paint away. There really isn't much more to it... but here are some extra pointers

Tips & Tricks:
*Work in the shade. Learned that the hard way. If you sit in the hot sun, it will bake that nail polish so fast, you won't be able to spread it fast enough and will be left with some hideous lumps.
*Have some polish remover handy to erase any mistakes or do touch ups.
*It took me three heavy coats to reach my desired coverage with a half hour of dry time inbetween. It might take you less or more depending upon your polish and shoes.
*It is also a good idea to finish/seal the polish in with some clear spray coat or some clear nail polish.
*I didn't, but I also recommend to start with a white/light base coat. It will save you from doing an extra coat (or two or three) of the colored polish.

My in laws are in town this week so I will be in and out playing hostess and just taking some time to enjoy their company. Just had to share this easy (are pretty) refashion!

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