Can't believe that my little man is almost a year old! Whew time sure flies!

But then it doesn't

But then it does... know what I mean? Nights are long, days are short. You know, things like that.

Anywhos. I'm getting in gear to partay. Heeeey. But I gotta keep this party on a budget, man. A strictly diy kind of event. Those are the best anyways. A little crooked, a little wonky, but perfectly mushy gushy sentimental.

You can't have a party with out a string of garland or two. I was in Lowe's the other day and I spotted this interesting product.

Does it look familiar? It should! This neon plastic ribbon is usually tied to landscaping stakes, or hanging out of truck beds stuck onto objects hanging out too far. Called safety flagging, each spool cost less than three dollars and has THREE HUNDRED feet on it. So time to get nuts ladies. Garland nuts. Thin enough you can easily tear it, no need for scissors. Just rip and tie, rip and tie, rip and tie. Soon enough you could have the whole house decked out in some seriously on trend neon garland. Do you think a one year old boy will mind if his party theme is neon? Would it really be that bad if I squeezed in a little hot pink? Sure the husband wouldn't talk to me all party long, but it will look fab.... right???

Thanks for stopping by. Any boy party ideas would be greatly appreciated. As you can see I am currently suck in the 'little girl' mindset. Trust me, it's a hard one to break free from. Tutus! Glitter! Cupcakes!