So we are in the middle of a room shuffle. My office is becoming the shared kids room and Lou's old room is becoming my office. This makes the most sense because my old office space is HUGE, just perfect for two little bodies to crawl around in and it seemed selfish of me to horde all that space for myself. So.... right now I am up to my eyeballs in boxes to donate, papers to file, clothes to sort ect ect ect. All the 'fun' stuff. Fun Fun Fun. So of course during nap time I neglected the organizing and cleaning for a pretty little diy. I couldn't access all of my craft supplies so I raided the pantry. What was in there? Paper plates. Lots of em. So here is my completely FREE diy of rolled paper plate flowers. Why spend boo-coo bucks on $$$ designer craft paper when you can get the same effect for nada. I felt that my desk wall in my new office needed some sprucing up, so I decided to go a little 'anthro' on it. Here we go...

  Ah, so very simple yet looks so complicated. That's the way I like it. In mass quantities something magical happens to these paper plate flowers. I just applied the anthro rules of styling. Take something unexpected and turn it into something craft-fabulous... and do A LOT of it. Neat-o right?!
  I also sprinkled in a few other types of paper flowers (in some brown craft paper). Those DIYs are to come. I originally wanted to create a garland out of these, which is still totally possible but I did the ol-switcher-roo and went with this idea.

Fun. More on the paper flowers and the room redo up next. Thanks for stopping by!