What? TWO DIYs in one day? Yep ;)
I have had this patriotic burlap bunting tutorial in my back pocket for a bit and I thought that Friday would be a perfect day to share it. This is based off of idea from Brown Paper Packages (Love Kierste, please check it out & show your bloggie support)

Follow the pictures above and you should be good to go, but here are a few tips. Cut out at least four squares of burlap. Mine are pretty large, bout 15"x15". This you can play with. As for the stars, I just drew a star on some card stock and cut it out for my stencil. Also make sure you put something underneath the burlap as you paint, it is a very loose weave and a lot of the paint will go through to the other side. Lastly I used a screw to punch larger holes in the burlap to make it easier to thread the fuzzy twine. Twine isn't really fuzzy is it? Best word I could come up with.

Came out great! I love burlap and will make up any excuse to create something out of it. Please excuse my junky side yard. I blurred it out to save your eyes from our broke truck and go-cart graveyard.

This is hanging from a 2nd floor balcony, kind of hard to get a good pic, but this will do. Love how large the avocado trees are getting. Going to have a great harvest this year... coming up soon! Can you say guac-a-moleeeee :)

Hope you have a great weekend! Maybe some pre-fourth parties? Thanks for stopping by