Alright, you caught me. I'm a mom. And with that comes lots and lots of 'mom-ism'. Mom sayings, mom humor and yes the mom uniform. For me? It's a plain shirt, jeans and a cardi with my hair in either a high pony or messy top knot. I do love a good pony. But alas alas I seem to always be struggling with my bangs. Do I keep em? Do I trim em? Grow em out? What to do what to do. Well, nothing over night can be done, so I guess I just have to figure out a way to deal with them. Up until recently how I delt with them was either a braid (time consuming) or a million pins. And the pins don't really work. I am constantly fixing and re-pinning those darn falootin tootin flyaways. This idea struck me the other day while I was putting a couple ponies in Lou's hair with those small invisible hair bands..... HERE is how I deal with those bangs now

1. Gather up all your bangs and the very first 1/4 of you hair. Make sure to grab just a tiny bit, and gather from all around you face.
2. Secure with a small elastic, either in clear or the same color as your hair. Scrunch it forward just a bit to give your gathered hair some volume.
3. Flip your head over and gather all your hair up into a pony at the crown (or slightly above it). Secure with a larger elastic. Again scrunch it forward to add more volume to your hair. Also fluff and back comb the pony just a bit.

And that's it! And trust me, no adjusting will be needed. Those pesky bangs will stay in place all day...and no more pins!

There you have it. I entrusted you with my deadliest mom-hair be-gone tip! Do with it what you will.

Thanks for stopping by!