Lou asked for a fox today and I thought "Why the hells not?". I'm sure we could whip something up. And boy did we ;)
See below for steps and details....

*Special Note: This diy is for a no sew version because well, it's a big pain in the rear to get the machine out, set up and out of grabby fingers way. So in reality, I don't expect this softie to last till the end of time. If you really want a plush toy to stand up to a young'ns rough and tumble ways then I suggest top stitching all of the embellished pieces and sewing the bottom closure. Also, please use your best judgement as to what littles to give this toy to. If they are pickers and mouthy then best to save this diy till they are a bit older.

1. Lay out your pillowcase and fold in the top two corners to form a point.
2. Fold that point over on top of the body to form the head. Iron all the creases out.
3. Cut and layout a patchwork design for the body about 3" above the bottom edge. Then cut and layout pieces for the face.
4. Glue pieces down. Then glue the three points of the head directly to the body. Flip over and glue the ears to the back side. Attach strips of a stiffer fabric from the ears to the body to help them stand up straight.
5. Stuff with the mounds and mounds of plastic bags that you have accumulated under the kitchen sink. You know, the cupboard that is bursting with those suckers.... gotta find a use for them some how. If you don't have plastic bags you can always use shredded paper or actual stuffing from Hobby Lobby or Joann's.
6. Next you want to fold and glue the bottom to look like a paper bag. This will give you a nice wide base for the softie to sit up on. To describe it is kinda difficult. Here goes. Fold the bottom edge of the pillowcase in on itself about 1/4 inch, then glue shut with thin strip of glue, right sides together. Next take the outside ends and fold in onto the bottom, square off the bottom to create a rectangular base. Glue points to the bottom ^^^^^ look at the last DIY image for reference.

Pretty quick and dirty... lots of little fabric scraps were left over. Lou helped me pick out the fabric scraps to work with and she couldn't have been happier with the final result. She said, "Oh boy mama, your the bestest. I am so excited!", as she squeezed the dear life out of the fox. Let me tell ya, it's the details that make it. The glittery eyelashes, doily belly and jewel eyes are adorable and so girly. I don't think I'll mind picking up and putting away foxy one bit :)

Thanks for stoppin by!