I felt like whipping up something pretty and sparkly today and this ridiculously simple an' easy diy definitely did the trick. Totally satisfied my girly itch. Previously I had picked up these super cute rhinestone bow buttons ^^^ intending to use them on another project, but ya know how that goes... it didn't 'go', so these purdy little pretties sat stashed away. All sad and lonely. But ahHA no more, no more! Here are the deets. You will need to pick up a pack of the hair pins with a flat round surface on the end, they work WAY better than regular bobby pins. Then source some pretty buttons. You could cut them off an old blouse, look in the lint rap of your dryer, scrounge some out of the cracks of your couch, pick pocket that dapper looking dude down the street.... or you could scroll down to the bottom of this post and look at all the fab sources I already sourced for you...
     Next whip out your super glue of choice. Gorilla glue, E600, Jewelry specific... what ever you have around the house that you know holds. Add a dollop to the flat receiver, press on the button and then set the pin face side down so the pin is resting on the button. Let set/dry for how ever long the glue directions recommend. That's it. Pretty dang simple and well, pretty ;)

Adorbs right?! They really are for moi, but I couldn't resist pinning em in her hair for a bit. The princess begged me btw. How can I say no to that pretty little face?

I also have these buttons ^^^ perhaps a grouping of them? idk....we'll see

Best Online/Store Button Sources

Hobby Lobby (where I got the rhinestone and round buttons featured above^^^),

I prefer Hobby Lobby for cost & selection as compared to the others.


Best Etsy shops:
Bailey's Blossoms
Your Perfect Gifts
Add Vintage

Best Independent Online Shops:
Lot's Of Buttons
Bennos Buttons
MJ Trims
Britex Fabrics

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