So guess what we are doing this weekend?

Yep attending a good ol baby shower. It should be lots of fun. The hubs and I really like this couple and are so glad that they are joining the club of parenthood. Have you joined yet? The initiation is kind of rough but the life long benefits are totally worth it ;)

The age old question arises... what to get the glowing mom-to-be. Clothes? Yeah ok. Books...been there.

So I just thought back (not that long ago) to what I wanted/didn't get at my baby shower. I got lots of clothes, books, toys and because I was having a girl... lots of accessories. A girls gotta start early right? Soon after clippies were coming out of the wazoo and I didn't have a place to store them. Really wish I had this bad boy hanging around. So simple to make and personalize... here we go

Lovely right? Beautiful baby Bella is soon to arrive and she will definitely be in style (of course the clips are included!)

Hope mama likes it. I think she will.

Have a great weekend!

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