As an avid crafter I am always on the look out for interesting supplies or craft accessories. Anything from vintage postage stamps to buttons to ribbon and yes, to scrabble tiles. But we are kind of having a scrabble tile drought around here. I haven't spotted a single tile lately.
So what to do, what to do... make em.

So I headed to my 'church of crafts' good ol Hobby Lobby. I went to the wood isle to see if they had any pre-cut pre-packaged pieces. And alas it is not that easy. So the next best thing were the wood dowels. I selected a balsa wood and a bass wood dowel to test out. Balsa is not so great. The pieces are too small and the wood is too soft... it just becomes a splintery chipped mess. So I definitely recommend a harder wood like Bass.
But this DIY really is simple. Just select a Bass wood dowel. Mark off 1/4 to 1/2 inch sections (allow for the thickness of the saw blade), cut off the pieces, sand them down, stencil or sketch the letters, fill it in with a permanent marker, mod podge over to seal it and PRESTO scrabble tiles.
I have so many ideas for these bad boys. From gift cards, to wall decor to party decorations to who knows what else.

Love this little guys. Yes, they are not perfect but that is the charm... right? I think so.
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