So this DIY really falls more under the 'refashion' category, which is co' cuz sometimes you just want to give what you already own a little sprucing up!
     I recently picked up this scarf because I really dug the busy fall print. It is huge! Which I love. Who cares what your outfit looks like when you have on a fabulous blanket? Wait, I meant scarf. I mean can you even see my baby spit up shirt under here?! No!
    The scarf is fine just the way it is, but what girl doesn't want more bling? This girl is down with more bling. Cover me from head to toe please. Sparkle is my favorite color. You too? Great, then you will enjoy this... here we go!

First find a scarf in your closet that could do with a little accessorizing. Funny. Accessorizing your accessories.
Then pick up a pack of the super large sequins called paillettes at your local craft store. I picked up a couple of packs for various projects from Hobby Lobby. 250pcs for .99 cents.
 The next steps are pretty self explanatory. I used clear fishing line because it is super strong. I find that my commercially made clothing and accessories that have sequins sewn on, are always falling apart because of the cheap-o thread. Fishing line takes care of that problem. I just did a simple whip stitch around the edge of the scarf, inserting a sequin with each stitch. The stitches are spaced about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. These suckers are blinding so that is why I recommend only doing short sections, like 4"-6", instead of the entire perimeter of the scarf. A little goes a long way. Knot really well and you are good to go! But with all scarves and clothing that have sewn on embellishments, treat with care!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Did you notice the new hair? Do you dig it? I kinda do but I am still getting used to it. Was a shock to the hubs as well. I wanted to change things up a bit and this is what I went with. I promised the hubs that I will never ever ever ever never never ever ever cut it... I think he would divorce me if I did, so I had to go with a color 'enhancement'. My hair has slowly been turning red since becoming pregnant with my first child. Weird huh?! Decided to go with the shade labeled fire hydrant-hot tomato-chili pepper-tornado-red. Fits right ;)