These are companions to my DIY Fabric & Paper Scrap Sewn Cards... they are best buds. So if you do one I recommend doing the other.

Great diy right? Perfect for those left over pages of scrapbooking paper. The ones that don't really go with any of the layouts/crafts you are doing, but are so pretty that you want to show them off...
For a complete list of tips & tricks visit this page.

But here are a couple of quick pointers.

*Make sure to use contrasting thread so it really stands out... otherwise what is the point of sewing?
*Measure the cards before sewing the envelope so you are sure that they will fit... a-hem... I learned that the hard way.
* Don't make these if you are sending it to a prison inmate. Just sayin ;)
* These bad boys might need some extra postage. So I would recommend hand delivering these or going to the post office directly to make sure they get posted properly.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have a huge grab bag full of Halloween DIYs coming up so you better get pumped. PUMPED!