And I really mean it by super easy. Literally ten minutes to a fab new accessory (or make up bag, pencil pouch, diaper tote... whateves ;)

The key is finding these pre-cut squares of patterned viny from your local craft joint. I found these at Hobby Lobby for under a buck each. They were located in the felt craft area. They also have some faux tooled leather and super glittery rectangles that I am working with right now.
These vinyl like squares (not really sure what type of material they actually are) are a little tricky to sew with. So go slow and don't pull the fabric through the machine as you stitch. That will cause the material to pucker at the seam. Also, if you want, you can sew with this pattern but hide the seams (sew with right sides together and then turn right side out). I prefer the look of the stitching. I'm thinking next time I will use a contrasting thread, like red.
What is really great about this vinyl is that the edges won't fray and you can trim very close to the stitching and not worry about it coming apart. And a SUPER DUPER plus is that they are so darn toot'n cheap! Like .19 to .38 cents cheap. Mess up with this diy and who cares? Just try it again... it will only cost you a dollar or so.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are able to wind down from all the holiday hoopla. Anything special planned for NYE? Not much for us. The hubs is working and with two little ones that are in bed before 8, I'm sure my night will be spent diy'n something or other. Thanks for stopping by!